Just a few

  • You have the best “Story Time” in the country in my opinion and I’ve checked out a lot of them. Miss Melody is the best! Thank you for providing this wonderful service to the children of our area. It is such a blessing. It’s a highlight of our girls week. I got my degree in Art Ed. and I’m always so impressed with the little craft time. It is so well thought out and age appropriate. These will be memories I will always treasure with my little girls. Thank you!  --Lucinda
  • This is the best library in the world! They can find any book and get it to you. The staff and director are top notch! --Christopher
  • My grandmother instilled a love of literature and the importance of a well organized and beautiful library in me. When I was blessed with a granddaughter I wanted to pass the gift on to her. The McCall library staff have made this space like a comfortable home. My favorite section is the Idaho Room. The books there have helped me appreciate living in such a special state. Thank you everyone who supports this peaceful place. –m.m.
  • As a young child I spent countless hours at the McCall Public Library. I liked spending time at the library in particular because it gave me so much freedom to research, laugh, and my friends were always with me so it was fun spending tme with them. –a.m.
  • Yesterday I saw a very young boy walking down the street with his grandma. He tugged and tugged at her sleeve as they passed in front of the library until she gave in and took him inside.  What a testimony to how well loved the McCall library is!  --j.m.