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Foundation Accomplishments


The McCall Library Foundation, just an idea in January 2018, has developed into a significant, functioning institution dedicated to its mission of stimulating the interest of the public, friends, and supporters of the McCall library in its development and enhancement of free public library services and its facilities. Its present focus is on supporting the McCall Public Library in raising approximately $6 million dollars from multiple sources to build a new library facility to serve the expanding information service and civic needs of the McCall and Valley County citizens. The library has created a community where reading, learning and imagination thrive but requires more space to meet patrons' needs.

The foundation accomplished much in 2018. 

  • Granted 501C3 status from the Internal Revenue Service
  • Recruited a board of directors and officers, established subcommittees and their responsibilities
  • Created founding documents and procedures, including:
    • Formal bylaws
    • Articles of Incorporation
    • Procedures for safeguarding donor privacy
    • Established director and officer responsibilities and codes of conduct
    • Procedures for the safe, secure, and beneficial management of donated funds 
    • Hired accounting and brokerage professionals
  • Created the foundation webpage,
    • Established secure online acceptance of donations.
  • Created a foundation logo, plus other promotional materials (stationery, thank you cards, etc)
  • Established working partnerships with McCall library’s trustees, city staff, the Friends of the Library, the library expansion committee, and the library’s fundraising professional, Amy Rush. Through ongoing communication, the Foundation’s role and relationships to these other entities is now clear.
  • Joined the Idaho Nonprofit Center

2019 Goals

  • Research and apply for grant opportunities in coordination with our library partner organizations
  • Invest donations received per our established guidelines
  • Disburse funds for library expansion purposes as requested by our library partners and approved by the Foundation board
  • Participate in ongoing fundraising activities, including generating public awareness of the Foundation and its purpose
  • Support the library Trustees and the McCall City Council in their preparation for the proposed library bond
  • Advocate for the proposed library bond, in conjunction with the YES Committee
  • Recruit new foundation board members to augment the foundation’s collective talent and capacity.

Other documents

Files coming soon.